I’ve just been refreshing my [lack of] knowledge of Hibernate and JUnit. BTO had some poor experiences with Hibernate (through some tendered out code) and never really seemed to need JUnit.


I can see the attraction and time saving of Hibernate for new projects with bespoke databases. But, for legacy projects, which are hooking into existing, extensive databases with their own dependancies, I think this would cause just as many issues, slowing down initial project development – also BTO projects were costed as cheaply as possible, with little thought to funding database requirements (although the DBA was changing that in the right direction).


Again, BTO never really felt it needed this. As a small team (of discrete/disparate developers), it seemed overkill. I can see the advantage if the developers aren’t familiar with the data being returned, so that they can get direction to populate the assertEquals and verify results.

assertEquals("10 x 2 must be 20", 20, myTesterMethod(10, 2));

Both things for me to research further…

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