Although I’ve been back into the running since early mid-October, I’ve only been doing a few hour-long sessions around town each week, and one longer (1:47) off-road run which included Brandon Parkrun. Yesterday I went to the start of the Pedders Way to see what it was like (Ultra training session 7). Having signed up for this Ultra distance run a while ago, I thought I should check out the route a bit more, and get more used to off-road stuff. See Strava include below…

Starts off in a wee car park near Knettishall, and follows lovely leaf-strewn trails northwards. Can be a bit narrow in some places so potential ankle-twisting, but on the whole easy to follow and run. There’s a stretch of boardwalk near Brettenham that skirts the river, which can be slippery and also flooded (I’ve been caught out by this in the past).

Only downer!? Bastards fly-tipping near the West Harling Road. Rubbish everywhere. Also smells of pigs LOTS throughout this whole area, but then at least it’s semi-natural.

So – I’ve managed to run a paltry 8% of the total run (but did have to run back to where I started, and only had an hour…).

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