LG and Netflix fix

Trying to watch Netflix on an LG Smart TV.

Something that’s been bugging us for ages, and there seems no 100% fix for everyone, but I found some ‘sparse’ info online and thought I should record it for myself if not for others…

Netflix works fine on a Android or Apple tablet, no buffering. As soon as we relax in the evening to watch House of Cards or anything else that is currently ‘popular’ using the TV, Netflix plays for about 10 mins and then hangs – buffer spinner reaches 25% and then craps out to exit. Broadband speed is always fine, using speedof.me in the TV web browser.

Lots of posts about factory reset, deactivate/reactivate Netflix with bizarre arrow-key permutations, broadband speed check etc. etc. All to no avail.

But, this seems to be working currently (from Tripp2Go on CNET)…

Instead of automatically selecting your network from a drop down list or a wired connection, connect manually by typing in your IP, Subnet and Gateway numbers, and a specific DNS number.
Step by Step: on your TV go to

  • Settings
  • Network
  • Network Status – Record the IP address, Subnet mask and Gateway numbers, you’ll be entering these again manually

Then go back out to

  • Network
  • Network Connections
  • Start Connection
  • Other Network List
  • Manual setup
  • Add your IP, Subnet and Gateway numbers. Then enter as the DNS number
  • Finish

Try using Netflix – seems to have improved things for me – if this post hasn’t been deleted then it’s continuing to work.

Isn’t the net great, when it works 😉

Further fun with WordPress

So, since this is my first play with WordPress, I’ve been applying a load of different ‘themes’ to the site, but always keep coming back to Formation. The others look good on screen preview, but these previews don’t seem to capture the same font sizes or page positioning. For now, Formation seems the business…