Pedders Way Ultra 7

Although I’ve been back into the running since early mid-October, I’ve only been doing a few hour-long sessions around town each week, and one longer (1:47) off-road run which included Brandon Parkrun. Yesterday I went to the start of the Pedders Way to see what it was like (Ultra training session 7). Having signed up for this Ultra distance run a while ago, I thought I should check out the route a bit more, and get more used to off-road stuff. See Strava include below…

Starts off in a wee car park near Knettishall, and follows lovely leaf-strewn trails northwards. Can be a bit narrow in some places so potential ankle-twisting, but on the whole easy to follow and run. There’s a stretch of boardwalk near Brettenham that skirts the river, which can be slippery and also flooded (I’ve been caught out by this in the past).

Only downer!? Bastards fly-tipping near the West Harling Road. Rubbish everywhere. Also smells of pigs LOTS throughout this whole area, but then at least it’s semi-natural.

So – I’ve managed to run a paltry 8% of the total run (but did have to run back to where I started, and only had an hour…).

Outlaw Triathlon 2

OK, the Outlaw is done, and yes, it did start pissing down for the last 90mins of the bike (Met Office got it spot on). Splits below. Nutrition worked fine. Took too long in transitions (might have gone sub-11 if I’d done my 2011 transitions!), but wanted to be comfortable on bike and run.

  Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Total
2011 0:59:01 0:04:28 6:08:05 0:04:53 4:32:19 11:47:05
2015 0:58:24 0:07:50 5:49:52 0:08:43 4:07:03 11:11:53

Outlaw Splits

Happy with results – was aiming for A) sub-11 hours, B) beat 11:18 (Challenge Roth 2010 time) or C) beat previous Outlaw time (11:47, 2011) – smashed C and managed B. Next time… A.

Really felt for the slower competitors (hark at me!) as they were in the rain for lots of their bike splits and all of the run, with the rain increasing as the afternoon turned into evening and beyond. This meant the tow-path along the Trent became one big puddle in places – not fun for tired body and legs! Kudos to those guys…

Outlaw Triathlon

Outlaw Triathlon this coming Sunday, heading to Nottingham tomorrow. Think I’m ready, too late if not. Biggest concern is the weather, as I’m not keen on cycling in the rain (although had plenty of practice recently). Met Office forecast for Nottingham Race Course below:

Forecast for Notts Race Course for Sun 26th July 2015

Forecast for Notts Race Course for Sun 26th July 2015

Last time I did 11hrs 47min 05secs (splits below), so hoping to beat that whatever the weather throws at me. I’m hoping that coach Jason B ( continues to have a positive impact!
Run: 4:32:19
Using same bike as last time, but deciding to do a complete change in T1 and T2 into most comfortable bike and run kit, as hopefully being comfortable will help me flow better? Will post report next week…

Plantar fasciitis…

…is a right pain in the arse. Probably caused by running hard (Edinburgh 1/2 Marathon with Sandy Cleland) on shoes that were past it, then not resting up. Last week was a big running week for me, about 60km, and I’m now hobbling about. Remedies include massaging with Tiger Balm (homeopathy I guess, but it smells great) and rolling a frozen Sigg bottle on the floor with knackered foot. Hope it’s OK by tomorrow, hill reps on the bike. Wikipedia Plantar fasciitis >>>

Pace Calculator updated

Today I updated the first Android App I ever built (released December 2010!) Pace Calculator has been updated to include speed calculations for cyclists and pace per 100m for swimmers. Both run and bike tabs include metric (km) or imperial (mile) options. It’s been a useful exercise using action-bars, styles and swipe tabs, all new standards since I built the original app. APPS >>>

Forest run

Thetford (Norfolk) is fabulous. Well, the forest is anyway. A morning run on trail and track, in the sun, lifts the spirits, but tires the legs – 19km! Amazed to hear Cuckoo calling near the range (juvenile bird? I thought all adults were back in Africa, or maybe just leaving) and glad to see and hear Woodlark in the clear-fell areas north of Mayday Farm [Yes, these are now in BirdTrack].